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Christmas of International Students at the University of Dunaújváros

December 16, 2016

Ever since 2006 the International Relations Office organizes its annual „Christmas Party” for the students studying on one of the English taught study programmes of the University of Dunaújváros. This event is usually the biggest international one at the institution and indeed the one that closes the year 2016.

The program traditionally started with the performance of the IRO, they sang a Hungarian Christmas song together. It was followed by different programmes of the students, pop-songs, folk-songs, poems presented in English, or on the native language of the students. Two interesting quizzes allowed the students to win some chocolates in exchange for their right answers. The dance show of the folk-dance-group of Nagyvenyim consummated the evening. The students did not remain hungry or thirsty as some Christmas cakes and some drinks awaited them after the official program.


Rector of UoD

The first international students arrived to Dunaújváros in 2006. The group consisted of 24 people studied on the programme Engineering Business Management, BSc. In the upcoming years the number of foreign students have been continuously increasing at the university. At the moment almost 200 international students are studying in 6 different study programs here. Technical Management BSc, Business Administration BSc, Engineering Information Technology BSc, Communication and Media BA and Mechanical Engineering BSc and MSc.


Student Performances

Currently 10% of the total number of students learning at the University of Dunaújváros are foreigners, which is a good achievement compared to other higher-educational institutions in Hungary. We are able to host students from 21 different countries: China, Cameroon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Jordan, Tunesia, Ivory Coast, Seychelles, Syria, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, Serbia, Portugal and Spain. Most of the students are studying here in self-financed full-time degree programmes but also many of them are here within the framework of different scholarships, like Stipendium Hungaricum, Erasmus+ and Study&More, which is the very own scholarship programme of the university.


Like a Talent Show

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme is financed by the Hungarian State and the students in the frame of this special programme arrive to the University of Dunaújváros since 2015. Compared to last year in September, 2016 our institution received four times as much students who have been awarded by this grant. As for part-time students; there are also 15 of them taking part in the Erasmus+ programme and from our Brazilian partner institutions three students arrived for the fall semester of this academic year, who are enjoying the benefits of the Study&More scholarship programme.