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Guest lecturers from Kazakhstan at UOD

February 27, 2017

The University of Dunaújváros had the honour to receive two lecturers from the University of International Business (UIB) in Almaty, Kazakhstan last week. Ms. Sofiya Zhaleleva and Ms. Aidana Tokbura are assistent professors at the Department of Management and Business at UIB.

Ms. Zhaleleva presented lectures within our Management Skills course on the following topics: Development of Business in Kazakhstan; National Economy Development; Social Responsibility of Business.


Ms. Tokbura gave presentations to students of our Marketing and Public Relations course about PR and Marketing in general, about Social Media Marketing, Strategy Framework and Blue Ocean Strategy in the Business Market.


Beside giving lectures, the guest professors had a meeting with the Director and the Heads of Departments of our Institute of Social Sciences with the aim of presenting the professional work and the reasearches carries out at the two institutions and of finding common points that could serve as a basis for future professional cooperation.


The University of International Business in Kazakhstan and the University of Dunaújváros submitted a successful grant application last year within the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program. The two universities signed the Inter-Institutional Agreement in July 2016.




Foreign students’ visit to the Parlament from Dunaújváros

December 21, 2016

Twenty international students of the University of Dunaújváros had the well-deserved opportunity to visit the Hungarian Parliament last week. The youngs were hosted and shown around by Mónika Bartos representative, vice-president of the Interparliamentary Union (IPU) Hungarian National Group.

The students earned the trip from dr. Orsolya Falus, the lecturer of the Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Communication and Media as a reward in exchange for their continued effort during the semester. The subject’s main focus was on media and governmental law, where they were able to learn more about the fundamental law of Hungary and the consistence of the Congress.

 In the House of Parliament

The students arrived to Budapest with a private bus organized by the university. In the House of Congress beside Mónika Bartos her colleague, Tamás Ary coordinated the visit. The youngs did not come with empty hands, they prepared with a performance and sang one of the most famous Hungarian folk songs „Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt”, indeed it was the most touching moment of the day.


The representatives talked about the operation of the parliament, the role of the Interparliamentary Union, about the activity of the Sustainable Development- and the Foreign Affairs’ Committee, and they also detailed the different tasks that need to be done by these departments.


It was a special experience for them – explained dr. Orsolya Falus – as after learning about the principals of the Hungarian law for a semester, they were able to see with their own eyes, where the important decisions of the country are made. Before heading back to Dunaújváros, the students were able to do a short sightseeing and they paid a visit to the Advent market in Budapest.


Group Photo - In front of the Parliament

Ten percent of the total number of students at the University of Dunaújváros are international ones. According to dr. Falus Orsolya their presence is very important, because as they head back to their home country, they take up the role of being Hungary’s little ambassadors.

Christmas of International Students at the University of Dunaújváros

December 16, 2016

Ever since 2006 the International Relations Office organizes its annual „Christmas Party” for the students studying on one of the English taught study programmes of the University of Dunaújváros. This event is usually the biggest international one at the institution and indeed the one that closes the year 2016.

The program traditionally started with the performance of the IRO, they sang a Hungarian Christmas song together. It was followed by different programmes of the students, pop-songs, folk-songs, poems presented in English, or on the native language of the students. Two interesting quizzes allowed the students to win some chocolates in exchange for their right answers. The dance show of the folk-dance-group of Nagyvenyim consummated the evening. The students did not remain hungry or thirsty as some Christmas cakes and some drinks awaited them after the official program.


Rector of UoD

The first international students arrived to Dunaújváros in 2006. The group consisted of 24 people studied on the programme Engineering Business Management, BSc. In the upcoming years the number of foreign students have been continuously increasing at the university. At the moment almost 200 international students are studying in 6 different study programs here. Technical Management BSc, Business Administration BSc, Engineering Information Technology BSc, Communication and Media BA and Mechanical Engineering BSc and MSc.


Student Performances

Currently 10% of the total number of students learning at the University of Dunaújváros are foreigners, which is a good achievement compared to other higher-educational institutions in Hungary. We are able to host students from 21 different countries: China, Cameroon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Jordan, Tunesia, Ivory Coast, Seychelles, Syria, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, Serbia, Portugal and Spain. Most of the students are studying here in self-financed full-time degree programmes but also many of them are here within the framework of different scholarships, like Stipendium Hungaricum, Erasmus+ and Study&More, which is the very own scholarship programme of the university.


Like a Talent Show

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme is financed by the Hungarian State and the students in the frame of this special programme arrive to the University of Dunaújváros since 2015. Compared to last year in September, 2016 our institution received four times as much students who have been awarded by this grant. As for part-time students; there are also 15 of them taking part in the Erasmus+ programme and from our Brazilian partner institutions three students arrived for the fall semester of this academic year, who are enjoying the benefits of the Study&More scholarship programme.

The University of Dunaújváros in Brazilian newspapers

December 13, 2016

Articles has been published in two Brazilian newspapers, Gazeta de Varginha and Correiro de Sul, about the cooperation between UNIS Educational Group and the University of Dunaújváros. The two HEI’s cooperate within the framework of the ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility Program. Mr. Stefano Barra Gazzola, rector of UNIS declared that in the upcoming two years 4 Hungarian lecturers will have the opportunity to attend the annual congress at UNIS, and beside that they will receive 2 students and 2 staff members from UOD. In the same time two students, two staff members and four lecturers from Brazil will carry out mobilities at the University of Dunaújváros.




3rd meeting of the International Club

December 08, 2016

The third meeting of the International Club was organised on the 30th of November, 2016.

Those who attended on the meeting were able to listen to two presentations. One of them was presented by some students of the Bánki Donát High School, namely Szonja Paréj, Boldizsár Magyar and Máté Balázs, of course in English language. Their teacher who helped them to make their presentation was Ágnes Filarszkyné Tolnai.



The second performer was Raphael Pinciara who is one of the Brazilian students of the University of Dunaújváros arrived to the university in the frame of the Study&More Programme. Thanks to his presentation every guest have learned a bit about the Brazilian culture and traditions.


Visit of Brazilian Rector to the University of Dunaújváros

December 02, 2016

Professor Stefano Barra Gazzola, Rector of our Brazilian partner university, the UNIS Educational Group, together with Director of International Relations, Ms. Carol Garcia Telles Brito, and lecturer Felipe Flausino de Oliveira payed a visit to our University in November.


UNIS established a cooperation with our university one and a half years ago. During this period UOD hosted four students and one lecturer from UNIS. In order to deepen the cooperation between our institutions, we applied together for EU grant within the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program. As a result of our successful application more than twenty mobilities can be realized with the participation of students, lecturers and staff members of both universities.

The main aim of the Brazilian delegation's visit to Dunaújváros was on the one hand to discuss further possibilities of collaboration, and to set up a detailed plan of the implementation of our joint project within ERASMUS+ ICM program.

On the other hand our Brazilian guests attended the annual Week of Science conference. Director Carol Garcia Telles Brito did a presentation about Brazil and the City of Varginha in order to promote UNIS and this unique exchange possibility for UOD students.
Mr. Flausino did his presentation entitled "Private versus Public Distinction in Brazilian Higher Educational Institutions" in the conference session of the Department of Economics.


Foreign guest in the Week of Science

November 30, 2016

During the Week of Science which took place between 7th and 12th November 2016, the University of Dunaújváros welcomed 10 foreign guests from Brazil, Russia, Azerbaijan and Slovenia. The guests visited Dunaújváros due to the result of the strong cooperation between the institutions. For many of them it was not the first time, some visitors had the pleasure to be here already for the fourth time.


Many different interesting presentation and other programmes were waiting for the visitors - sightseeing tours, excursions and meetings. Apart

from the spare time activities the guests had meetings with our Rector, Dr. István András, the Vice-Rector for General and Academic Affairs, dr. Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár and the Vice Rector of Research and Scientific Affairs, dr. Béla Palotás in order to strengthen the partnership between the universities and to talk about other possibilities to deepen the cooperation.


Azeri Guests on the Science Week

November 29, 2016

The University of Dunaújváros received 3 guests from Azerbaijan for the annual Science Week conference.
Ms. Aygul Baghirova and Ms. Firuza Mammadova represented the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University and they had many discussion regarding the ongoing projects between the two universities. As the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility program now available for azeri students as well, this was the focus of meetings.


Our third guest, Mr. Turan Suleymanov represented the Azerbaijan State Economic University, he also arrived to us in the frame of the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility program and gave lectures to our students. Moreover he made two presentations during the week, one for the section of economics and one for the section of engineering information technology.


We hope that our guest will visit us in the near future again and we can continue the work together.


Give a bit of mmm to me….

November 28, 2016

The International Office of the University of Dunaújváros is always keen to organize extracurricular activities for the international undergraduates. Besides domestic excursions, sport activities, parties each semester incoming foreign students are asked to introduce their countries and traditions to other fellows, but this year the Institute of Social Sciences have organized the so called “iClub” meetings where the bravest ones already had the opportunity to present their culture.



So this time we were thinking of twisting the plot and doing a Hungarian cultural event, where members of our office could give a bit of taste of the Hungarian culture to the students coming from different parts of the world. Mean it literally, as one of the presentation was about the eatable products in different Hungarian stores that worth to try. Kőrözött, Gulyáskrém, Pick Téliszalámi, Dunakavics, Túró Rudi just to mention a few. We prepared with small portions from every traditional stuff that they certainly do not notice at the shops. If they listened carefully it shall cause no problems for them to select a suitable Hungarian dish in a restaurant.



Fun Facts, traditions, some folk songs, a little bit of history, a little bit of geography and a way bigger bite of Hungarian gastronomy; the aim of the evening was to tell more to students about the country they have selected for their studies. Unfortunately not so many of them decided to stay for the afterparty to where Hungarian students were also invited, but we accept, that with a belly full it is never easy to sing and dance.


Russian Guests on the Science Week

November 25, 2016

The Ural Federal University (UrFU) in Ekaterinburg, Russia University of Dunaújváros established cooperation with our university 3 years ago. Our cooperation became stronger when in the 2015/2016 academic year the two higher educational institutions managed to win scholarship with their joint application in the Erasmus+ KA107 international credit mobility program for student and staff mobilities. In the frames of academic cooperation two representatives of the Russian partner university visited the scientific conference seies, the Week of Science of the University of Dunaújváros (from the 7th November to the 11th November 2016).


Dr Edward V. Patrakov did his presentation, „Ensuring Competitiveness in the Trainings (Additional Professional Education)” in the academic session of the Teacher Training Institute.


Dr. Sergey Zvonarev had his presentation in the conference session of engineering sciences with the title of Structural Changes at High-temperature Synthesis of Luminescent Ceramics from Nanopowder”.


Conference of Scientific Students’ Association

November 10, 2016

During the Science’s week, on the 09th November, 2016 the University of Dunaújváros organised the traditional Conference of Scientific Students’ Association. Three of our international students –

Yassine Chahboub (Mechanical Engineering, MSc),
Ahmed Abdelhamid Ibrahim Mohamed Youssef (Mechanical Engineering BSc),
Jaouad Abdouss (Mechanical Engineering BSc)

- undertook the challenge and made a presentation - accompanied by colourfull PowerPoint slides - in the section of Material Science. The topics of their presentations were focusing on their major field, physics: the Ozone generation process and the gas separation.


Their performances were a great success. Dr. Endre Kiss, the supervisor of the students said - I am very happy and satisfied with the job, they have done. In fact these students are really hardworking, enthusiastic, and help me a lot, even in their free times! -added Dr. Kiss, a respected teacher of the Institute of Mechanics a few minutes after he handed over the participation certificates to the students.


The University of Dunaújváros hopes that in the near future new achiecments will be reached by these students and by other international students as well.




November 03, 2016

It has been the second time that we took our international students for an excursion to Kecskemét as last year a group of students already visited the eighth biggest city of Hungary that has lot to offer. We were glad to organize the trip this time as well because according to our experiences they like the town with its fabulous city center and its historical buildings. At least it is different from what they got used to in Dunaújváros.

The students – as always – had an early wake, they were advised to take some snacks for the bus trip with themselves. This group were surprisingly accurate, we managed to depart in time. Our first destination was the Leskowsky Musical Instrument Exhibition, which is an interactive show, where students are able to hear and also to try out the exotic instruments. After the arrival the students were separated into two groups; while one of the group checked out the exhibition, the other checked the city center. Unfortunately the weather was not favorable for sightseeing the rain got more intense and soon we found ourselves on the bus again, waiting for the other group to finish the guided tour.


For the afternoon some relaxation were planned, we visited the local spa. Thermal pool, swimming pool and a well-equipped water theme park with slides awaited us; four hours of enjoyment. Of course our hungry students first headed to the restaurants, but the good meal did not stop them to try out all the slides. After the time in the spa (soaked for the second time during the day, but this time it was at least done intentionally) we headed back to Dunaújváros. Before getting on the bus we took some pictures in front of the entrance to attest this great day. Altogether we had a fun afternoon and Kecskemét proved again to be a nice destination for international excursions. We hope to go there soon again.







Strengthening Links between UOD and Industry

October 26, 2016

Strong links with industrial sector is one of our key strengths; these relationships have a major influence on both our research programmes and taught courses.


This contact with industry ensures we equip our students with relevant skills which will lead them to a successful career and enables our students to understand in detail what will be expected of them when working in the global economy.


This relationship is also of benefit to our industrial partners as we can provide services and trainings, we share our own knowledge and skills to reinforce their business. We are proud to have, among others, industrial partners like MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant, ISD Dunaferr, Hankook Tire Hungary, Bosch and the MÁV Group (the Hungarian railway company).


The eagerness to establish new ways of cooperation is huge. Last week Dr. István András, Rector of UOD, together with Vice Rector for General and Academic Affairs Dr. Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár and Vice Rector for Research and Scientific Affairs Dr. Béla Palotás carried on negotiations with two Hungarian companies about prospective collaboration.


During the meeting with representatives of Hungrana Starch and Isosugar Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd. the two parties examined the possibilities of an educational and training cooperation with main focus on the advantages of dual and cooperative training model.


The management of our University and representatives from MÁV Hungarian State Railways discussed the possible extension of the already existing excellent cooperation between the two parties. During their Campus tour, General Deputy CEO László Pál and Director of Technical Implementation Zsolt Tibor Vizi learned the plans and information about development of laboratories and further possibilities for educational and technical improvement.


International Club DUE

October 17, 2016

Within the framework of the so called “Bánki project”, a project aiming to strengthen the cooperation between the University of Dunaújváros and local secondary schools, the newly established “International Club DUE” held its first meeting on 28 September 2016.


The International Club is a forum where Hungarian and Foreign university students and local high school students can meet eachother and exchange informations and ideas about their countries and cultures. Club meetings will be held on the last Wednesday in each month from 5 pm.


The first Club meeting attracted a great number of participants and great interest both among university and high school students. During the meeting we could learn some interesting facts about cultures that are rather different from those we know well in Europe, as UOD’s international students from Cameroon, Morocco and Kurdistan presented their country.


Many thanks for the interesting and colourful presentations to Catherine M. Germaine (Cameroon), Sanaa Alaoui (Morocco) and Karwan Hussein Saed (Kurdistan)!



E-mobility Day at the University of Dunaújváros

October 17, 2016

In relation to the local events of the European Mobility Week E-mobility day was organized in the University of Dunaújváros on the 19th September 2016.

The programs started at 9 o’clock in the morning. The E- mobility Day was opened by Dr. Ildikó Angerer Petrovickij, the Environmental Protection Chief Counsellor of the Municipality of Dunaújváros and Dr. Béla Palotás, the Vice Rector of Scientific and Research Affairs. Following it the visitors of the program could get to know the production methods of the electricity, the present-day ways of its use and the future possible utilization methods in the frames of 30-minute-long presentations.



The first lecturer, Dr. Péter Bajor explained the way of the electricity from the power station to the electric car. Then Dr. Attila Szabó summarized the history of the electric cars. Listening to the presentation of Dr. Endre Kiss the audience could get interesting pieces of information about the renewable and fossil energies. Dr. Attila Kővári talked about the future opportunities in the electromobility.



Moreover an exhibition took place in the building “A” of the university for the primary school and secondary school students visiting the E-mobility Day. The exhibition also provided opportunity to try the use of electric vehicles, and the visitors could see an electric motorcycle and electric car, as well.


The Common Language of Sport

October 17, 2016

The University of Dunaújváros organized their annual Sports’ Day where students were able to participate in seven different sport contests: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, beer-pong, table soccer and dodgeball. Also a cooking competition was available for the most gastronome oriented students of the institution (they must be the most popular people in the student hostels).



In exchange for not having any lessons during the day, they were expected to register for the event. It turned out to be quite a success the organizers were able to mobilize both the Hungarian and international students. We are really proud of our international students who steal the show in football and table tennis as well. As we know the language of sport is common; this was a great opportunity to bring the people with different national background together enjoy themselves immensely.



And if this was not enough the day ended in a tremendous after-party in the ‘B’ club, where they had the opportunity to dance while having a glorious time. A great party also banishes the language differences, well after a few drinks especially…





Experiences of an Erasmus + Journey

July 28, 2016

16 Portuguese students have spent the last semester with Erasmus at the University of Dunaújváros. We enquired about their experiences about Hungary and about their studies here:

Q: Somehow you all ended up in Hungary, at the University of Dunaújváros. Why Hungary? What were the key points in your choice?

Fernanda Garcia: When I chose Hungary the main point for me was the big number of subjects that I can do out of my University in Portugal.

Ines Delgado: I applied to this university because it was the one giving me the most equivalences compared to my subjects in Portugal, which I have not yet completed. Also there were friends of mine who have been here in the previous semesters and they recommended Dunaújváros.

Q: What was the most important cultural difference you realized so far?

Lara Soares: Well, the most important ones? The language and the food….

Maria Martins: Yes, for example we didn’t know that the gastronomy in this country is so much based on cheese. In Portugal there are no varieties of foods with cheese. Like cheese soup, we tried and it was simply delicious.

Q: What do you like the most about the country?

Rafael Lima: Hungary surprised me very positively, the first time I visited Budapest was completely fascinated and I can say that is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.

Valeria Gomes: It’s wonderful to feel secure in the streets no matter it is day or night!


Q: Is there anything you don’t like in Hungary?

Ines Delgado: Many people do not understand English, they might strive but mostly they just talk to us in Hungarian.

Lara Soares: For example when we go to a cafe, gym or even a disco I feel that there are always people rudely staring at us, sometime they are saying some unfriendly things. I do not know why.

Q: The University of Dunaújváros has international students from all corners of the World: from China to Brazil, from Cameroon to Finland. What do you think about the student community?

Fernanda Garcia: This travel for me was like a dream come true. I always liked the idea to be far from home to see how people lives in other places of the World. Being here with so many different cultures was so special for me. Breaking down taboos about some cultures and understanding the way of their thinking and actions. In my opinion there is a great student community here. I made good friends and I wish that we can keep this for the rest of our life, even living so far from each other.

Maria Martins: I loved it, the things that we learn from each other is amazing, we learn other culture and manners to think, all about stuff like, religion, gastronomy, games, languages and it’s amazing, it gives us other thoughts about life. Everybody is very helpful, friends and good companions of this adventure. A real family, very welcoming.

Q: You are now at the end of your exchange period. How do you consider your studies here? Are the structure of courses and the educational methods different from what you are used to in your home country?

Rafael Lima: I really enjoyed studying here in Dunaújváros, found that the evaluation method is quite identical to Portugal.

Ines Delgado: The educational methods are a little bit different but in general they are quite identical to the one in my home country. It was not difficult to perform at all, however we always hear that for Erasmus students it is always easier.

Q: What do you think, will the knowledge and skills you gained here contribute to your further studies and your future career?

Valeria Gomes: Of course, the time that I spend here helped me a lot to improve my English and to learn how it’s like to live in a different country. It is a unique experience which can help us a lot in the future.

Rafael Lima: Yes, I think I made the right decision when I applied to Erasmus. I feel much more comfortable to handle certain situations since I came to Hungary and this owes much to the fact of not having my parents around

Q: You are studying here within the framework of the Erasmus+ exchange programme, which is based on mutuality. What would you tell about your institution to Hungarian students who could be interested in selecting your home university?

Lara Soares: Our institution is very welcoming, as students and the city. It is a small town but it has a lot of life, especially nightlife. Regarding the studies, the teachers are great and they can learn a lot. I am sure they will not regret if they choose Leiria.

Maria Martins: I think Portugal is a beautiful country to visit. Portuguese people are really cozy and we have something that the Hungarian students would simply love; we have a coast full of beaches and it’s really near by the school. The nights are amazing, the clubs, the people, the music the diversity of music they can learn and try to listen. Our most traditional music is called “fado” and it is really unique and beautiful. The food here is fantastic too, our traditional dishes mostly made of different kind of fish.

We hope that indeed it was an unforgettable experience for each one of the students. Our door remains always open to them if they would intend to come back sometime in the future to take a trip down to Memory Lane.

The National Capital of Sport

July 04, 2016

It was indeed the official title of Dunaújváros during the late 90’s as basically all the cities’ teams were competing in the highest divisions of national leagues. And not just competing! They become champions under the name Dunaferr Sportegyesület; football, volleyball, ice-hockey, both men’s and women’s handball, woman waterpolo.

Unfortunately the tide is turning; after the privatizing of the steel factory that used to be the main sponsor of our teams, the previous big successes failed to come about. Many of our teams just disappeared from the scene. Fortunately the current municipality hand in hand with our university and some committed local entrepreneurs took the town’s sport life under their wings to be able to return to the elite again. At the moment Dunaújváros has three teams which roots are leading back to the local university. Each of the three teams achieved at least one huge success in the season 2015/2016.

“Ladies first” – they say and luckily we immediately have two teams their achievements are worth to mention. Our women handball team, Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA was playing their biggest international game for a long time a month ago. It was the return match of the EHF Cup final against a German team, TuS Metzingen. The match took place in Veszprém, in front of 4500 people, and with their victory, our girls took their place on the top of Europe. Due to the unfair play-off stage in the Hungarian league, DKKA got only to the 5th place (after normally finishing on the 3rd place). Still it is a huge success not just for the team, but to the city to the University of Dunaújváros as well. And what is more, that the academy’s team has achieved the results 100% with just Hungarian players on the pitch which is unique nowadays in any kind of team sport.


Still strong handed were our girls in the water. The university’s water polo team, DUE-Maarsk surprisingly came second in the Hungarian premier division. By no chance it is a negative surprise, compared our team to the others it is clear, that our team is the youngest among all of them. They managed to beat the heavy favorite BVSC in the semifinals, but then to beat the previous champion, UVSE was a difficult task. The other team standardly gives 7-8 players to the Hungarian national team compared to our “just” 4-5 players from which all of them are talented youngsters. Although their experience was clearly visible, yet we played three really strong ties against them. Finally the young lust could not keep up with the professionalism gained with age, but the silver medal is still a great result from the youngsters. Now it is the responsibility of the team management, to keep these talented ladies at the club and come back in full force. But before that, as for the summer, don’t forget to support them in Rio.


Last but not least let’s praise the men futsal team of our university who also earned the silver medal with their second place finish this season. The team, Dunaferr DUE Renalpin FC itself was founded three years ago, and this was their second season among the best teams of Hungary. If we dig into deeper the current balance of power in the Hungarian premier division, we clearly see, that behind Győr there is a huge gap. They consist of mostly Brazilian and Spanish players who are masters of this art sport and both professionally and financially are in front of other teams, they aim to achieve results in international level. Behind their team Dunaferr achieved two second places, one in the first division, and another in the Hungarian cup. Just like in case of our other teams, they were competing with talented young Hungarian players in the league. Dunaújváros has already three players who are constant members of our national team, they also took part in the Futsal European Championship in 2016. If this years’ convincing performance can be kept up, I am sure, soon for the others members of our team opportunities will open up to represent our team in international level.


Beside the teams above it is important to mention that three young athletes of the Dunaújváros are going to Rio for the Olympic Games this year; Zsófia Kovács gymnast, Jonatán Hajdu canoeist and Krisztián Takács swimmer (and by the way also a student of our University) will represent our city among the best athletes of the world. One thing for sure, these brilliant results and achievements show that our city fight fiercely to prove that they are worthy of holding the title “National Capital of Sport”.



The ultimate destination: a visit at the Lake Balaton

June 16, 2016

The time of the last excursion for the Brazilian Science Without Borders students arrived. Our destination was Tihany and Balatonfüred by the lake Balaton which places are really worth to visit in Hungary. The area is full of nice destinations, historical places, there are many things to do and see. So many that we took the opportunity and make the last trip for 2 days long on the 8-9th of June.

Our first destination was Tihany where we had a guided visit at the Tihany Abbey a church built in 1055 with many interesting facts and stories about it. After looking around in the church the hardest part of the day was waiting for us; hiking hills of Tihany. We had to face with hot weather, narrow paths and steep roads but when we arrived to the top, all of us thought: yes, it was worth to do it. We got a beautiful and breathtaking view to the Balaton, the hungarian sea. Of course, we took many pictures and the selfie about the group couldn’t miss neither.


In the afternoon we arrived to our nice and comfotable accomodation, it was very pleasant to relax for a while, for some in the bed, for some in the swimmingpool.

When the sun went down, it was the time to have dinner in a very good restaurant, located next to the Lake. Eating delicious foods, drinking some wine, having conversations and laughing characterized the night.

The next day the weather was perfect for going to the beach and spending the day by swimming and sunbathing. The temperature of the Balaton was a bit cold but we were brave enough to jump in. We have spent a typical day on the beach therefore we couldn’t miss eating ’Lángos’ for lunch.


After these two days it’s understandable that everybody fell asleep in the car on the way to come home. We hope that the last trip was an enjoyable excursion for our brazilian students and they will remind for this as happy and pleasant memory.

Medieval Experience - trip to Visegrád

June 15, 2016

After last time's visit to the Hungarian lowland, "Puszta" our students had been introduced to a completely different side of Hungary, as we visited the historical town of Visegrád surrounded by the Danube Bend from one side and the Visegrád Hills on the other. One of the most spectacular and scenic part of our country is the Danube Bend, 40 km North of Budapest. In fact, it is the most beautiful stretch of the river’s 3 000 km course from the Black Forest to the Black Sea.

Visegrád is a small town famous for the remains of the Renaissance summer residence of King Matthias. While enjoying the early summer weather, we visited all parts of the remaining castle. Already at the very beginning we could feel the spirit of the Middle Ages as we witnessed a spectacular knights' tournament at the Solomon Tower. Afterwards we had a guided tour at the medieval royal castle, the official residence of the kings of Hungary until the beginning of the 15th century. We wandered through different parts and terraces of the castle. Interiors presenting the residence of the Queen and the prince, the historical kitchen, the bath, the reconstructed chapel, courtyards, fountains and the herbal garden helped us to get a glimpse of medieval life.


The Hungarian Kingdom during the Middle Ages was a military society, in which hunting, armor and heavy weapons played a key role. At the end of the guided tour our students had the chance not only to attend to an interesting presentation of medieval weapons and armors, but also to try their skills in archery.


As the last moment of the trip we mounted to the upper castle, to the Citadel (Fellegvár) which offers a breathtaking view to the Danube Bend and to the whole region, which hopefully will be a memory that our foreign students can call to mind after returning to their home countries.

Visit to the South of Hungary

June 10, 2016

Some international students were already excited as the end of the week was drawing near, as for many of them was the last week of their scholarship period, and therefore it was indeed their very last opportunity to take part in an excursion organized by the members of our international office.

This time we were heading to the South to the city of Pécs, which was the European capital of culture in the year 2010. One of the biggest investment was at that time the renovation of the former Zsolnay industrial quarter. The municipality of Pécs came up with the idea of creating a cultural center from the abandoned buildings of the factory following the success of other industrial revitalizations of the last century like the ones in the cities of Manchester and Barcelona.


It is safe to say that the current Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is one of the nicest and most relaxed part of the city. This area preserves the most beautiful pieces of Zsolnay porcelain that were manufactured in Pécs. Besides viewing the collection of more than 1000 pieces the students were able to see how the products are being made by the talented craftsman of the manufactory.


After leaving the Zsolnay Quarter we took a walk in the beautiful city center. Passing by next to the outdoor pubs, colorful ice cream stands, fountains in the lovely daylight while surrounded by the miscellaneous music filtering out from the taverns mingling with the noise of tourist groups walking in the pedestrian zone we already felt that the summer is here.


The weather has only changed for the afternoon as we arrived to Abaliget that is famous for its stalactite cave. We were lucky to be sheltered from the rain in of the cave, however we still got a few drops dripping from the fabulously shaped dripstones inside. It was just interesting to see how Mother Nature formed the motives throughout ten thousands of years.


It was evening already when we arrived back to Dunaújváros after a joyful but exhausting day. It was indeed the last time that the Erasmus+ students who have spent this semester at the University of Dunaújváros could join us for a trip. We wish all of them good luck to their studies back in their home country and we hope that besides the official part of their journey these excursions helped to make their stay unforgettable. And as to the other part of the group who stays during the summer in Dunaújváros, well, the upcoming excursion is almost here as well, so see you in Balaton!


The Goverment says: Dunaújváros will be the center of electromobility

June 03, 2016

- Our aim is to improve the quality of civil life in a modern industrial city – said Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary on the press conference of “Modern Cities Program” in Dunaújváros, on 31st of May, which preceded by the signature of a cooperation agreement between the Hungarian Government and the city of Dunaújváros. The Prime Minister emphasized; today, considering the energy sources of the city, Dunaújváros is a natural gas based settlement, and the direction of the development is to convert an electric power based city out of it.



- The city can directly feel the success of the extension of Paks’ 2nd nuclear power station; the development of nuclear energy will be a significant factor in the transformation of the Hungarian energy system. The Paks Nuclear Power Plant will provide job opportunities in the short term and sufficient, cheap electric power in the long run. This will help to switch the gas based system to an electric power based one – he added.



The agreement includes that research and training programs should be established in cooperation with University of Dunaújváros which will be developed into an electromobility center with specializations: allowing to train professionals. The government will also assemble a taskforce from József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, representatives of the Ministry of National Economy and the city of Dunaújváros.


Besides the direction of the research, the electromobility will appear in the daily life too: according to the plans all local buses will be replaced with electrical ones.


Wanderers of the Hungarian Puszta

May 27, 2016

Another joyful excursion awaited the international students of the University of Dunaújváros as they visited the famous Hungarian lowland plains. Picturesque view with the Hungarian grey cattle and the sweep-pole well welcome the participants as we were drawing near to the destination.



As the concrete road ended our bus needed to stop, but there were no worries, a horse-carriage “taxi” waited for us with some rangemen dressed in traditional clothes. Welcome drinks were served for the students in the form of our famous “pálinka” which got quite a mixed reception among the international visitors, but there were some who actually enjoyed it. A museum in the middle of the puszta helped us to learn more about tools, weapons and clothing that were used by the herders back in time giving an impression like nothing has changed during the centuries.


The highlight of the programme was the performance of the rangemen; riding a plough of five horses while standing on the back of one (“puszta five”), cracking and using whips, taming and commanding horses and lot of other clever tasks were part of the show which required skills and dexterity. Most of the students never had the opportunity to sit on a horse before, but now with the assistance of the performers their dream came true.



Before actually leaving the place, we could literally have a “bit” of taste of Hungarian culture; a three-course-meal including the traditional goulash, a special stew, some flaming pancakes and some delicious wine.


Although we have had a few days with heavy showers previously, the weather was perfect for wandering in the puszta on that day. After a busy day empowered with lot of cultural and traditional experience unfortunately our students needed to come back to the busy university life where nowadays lots of exams are to be completed. They surely envy the “csikós” lifestyle; relaxing on the sun, drinking wine and just staring at the cattle. However their precious and valuable time at the university should not go into (the) waste.



Interview withStudy&More students from Brazil

May 27, 2016

Hungary is a safe and amazing country, and Hungarians will like you for who you are – thoughts about Hungary from Lucas and Natacha, Study&More students from Brazil.

As from this academic year, our university has launched its own student exchange program entitled „Study&More”. The purpose of this program is to provide the students of our partner institutions with a study opportunity for one semester at UOD so that the subjects studied and completed at the UOD contribute to their studies at their home university.


The first Study&More students, Natacha Freire and Lucas Ferreira are studying at UNIS Educational Group in Varginha, Brazil. At the end of their exchange period we asked them about their experiences.



You come from Brazil, a country with such a different culture, and you choose University of Dunaújváros as destination for your exchange studies. Why Hungary?


Natacha: Well, all my life I wanted to do an exchange, I always wanted to study and live in a completely different country. I started to do some research and the more I learned about the culture of the country, the more enthusiastic I’ve become. When I was selected, I did not believe that I finally would go to Hungary!


Lucas: After seeing the names of available countries, one called my attention, HUNGARY, because I didn’t know anything about this country, so I started to do some research, and Hungary surprised me beyond my expectations.



What do you think about our country? What was the most important cultural difference you realised so far?


Natacha: I love the architecture and structure of houses and buildings, it is wonderful! Everywhere I look I can see the county’s history, especially in Budapest. I love the way people have fun, parties, mainly the Hungarian songs that are very lively and the music of gypsies. But what surprised me the most and that I will take with me for the rest of my life, it is the way of life of the people here. Nobody cares about looks, the way you dress and or how you want to be. They will like you for who you are!


Lucas: Hungary is an amazing country with good life quality and incredible cities. It's a safe place where we can walk the streets at any time, without fear, no matter if it's morning or evening, if you are alone or with friends, you do not have to worry about crimes as we do in Brazil.




How do you consider your studies here?


Natacha: Everything I have learned and reviewed here it made me more sure of what I want. I will really miss the great teachers here.


Lucas: The experiences, knowledge gained during my exchange will rather be reflected both in my future studies and in my professional career. The studies here were better than I expected and I will miss my classes here.



University of Dunaújváros has international students from all corners of the World: from China to Brazil, from Cameroon to Finland. What do you think about the student community?


Natacha: Before arriving to Hungary, I could not imagine that the University of Dunaújváros welcomed so many students from different countries! And for me it was amazing to know different people because I could learn a little bit about their culture and made friends that I will take the rest of my life. This is a university difference and it deserves to be congratulated!


Lucas: I am very grateful to have met not only Brazilians, but other students from Libya, Finland, Spain, Georgia, Portugal and China. They are awesome guys, they were really nice to me and helped me several times during my exchange. Thank you UOD!



Polish guests’ visit to the University of Dunaújváros

May 12, 2016

Four Polish colleagues from the Jan Amos Komenski State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno visited the University of Dunaújváros between the 9th and 11th May. The staff members were; Mikolaj Zgainski, head of the international office, Edyta Chudzicka, mobility coordinator, Honorata Glapiak, financial coordinator of international projects and Grzegorz Kapitan, head of their students sports association. The Leszno-based higher educational institution is the partner of the University of Dunaújváros for several years and this cooperation is not restricted to just Erasmus related matters.


The primary goal of their current visit was to strengthen the relationship between the two institutions and to discuss some new projects. Our kind guests was greeted and hosted by members of the International Relations Office. Due to the short period of their stay, quite a tight schedule was organized for them. One of the sessions was the meeting with the members of our Tenders’ Office where they had the opportunity to talk about the establishment of new joint projects together. The negotiation was conducted by Zoltán Barta, the innovation manager of the office. They were also able to gain more knowledge about one of the newest projects of our university, the Virtual University program that was presented to them by Konrád Lőrinczi, system administrator. Also they had a meeting scheduled about possible student exchange in the field of teacher training with the head of the institute, Dr. Csilla Szabó.



Sport plays an important role in the student life of both of the universities; the representatives also discussed about some forms of cooperation concerning different kind of sport like futsal and handball, which is very popular in Poland as well. Besides this they were also keen to visit our library. Our kind colleague and librarian, Erzsébet Nyitrai was also glad to invite the Polish visitors for a meeting. The two universities exchanged professional publications which could help students to gain knowledge regarding to their studies. The two parties also agreed that they are going to publish a joint digital publication in the near future.


Next to the important meetings during their three days long stay, they had the opportunity also to get familiar with our campus and our city as well. We hope that the innovative ideas and plans will be further discussed and put into practice which will be beneficial for both the Polish and for the Hungarian institution.


Our boys have won!

February 23, 2016

University of Dunaújváros won the current round of MEFOB (National Competition of Hungarian Universities and Colleges) championship on 22nd of February 2016.

Qualifying rounds of this year's futsal competition have been taken place in the recent weeks. Our team visited the city of Pécs where beside the locals they needed to face the team of University of Kaposvár.


Our boys managed to win against both of the opponents and they got into the quarter finals, they are among the best eight futsal teams of the country.


Our team consisted of Hungarian and International students with reserve staff members of our futsal club section.




University of Kaposvár - DUE 7-10 (4-5)


University of Pécs - DUE 2-3 (0-1)



Congratulations to our team and good luck for the next round!


A gift from Kurdistan

February 22, 2016

Our foreign students are proud of their university.

One of our international student, Karwan Hussein Saed brought a gift to us in honor that our institution became a university. The gift was received by Virág Mészáros chancellor, Dr. István András rector and Dr. Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár vice rector on 16th of February


- I was in my hometown during the winter holiday when I read the news that the College of Dunaújváros became University of Dunaújváros - said Karwan, who arrived from the Kurdistan region of Iraq. - I was really proud of this achievment and in my culture, we give presents on occassions like this. I went to the local market and bought a traditional Kurdish trapestry, a gift which represents my culture - rememberred the student, who studies at our institution in the frame of Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship program. - I am really happy that the management of the university appriciated my gesture.

Cooperation between Austin Peay State University and COD

December 04, 2015

The College of Dunaújváros puts a lot of effort into the expansion of it's international partners: in november a new cooperation was signed with the Austin Peay State University from Clarksville (Tennessee, USA).

Two colleagues of the COD, Dr. Béla Palotás Vice Rector for Research and Scienctific Efforts and Ms. Katalin Gyöngyössy, Head of the International Office visited the American university where they discussed the possible cooperations based on joint research and laboratory work, student and staff mobility. The communication science and the welding technologies were the two hot topic during the meetings, both institutions find these interesting.

On the 23rd of November, our delegation met with Ms. Alícia White, President of the APSU, Mr. Rex Candy, Provost of the APSU, Mr. Jaine Taylor Dean of the APSU and Dr. Marissza Chandler, Director of International Education. After the introduction of the two universities, the participants talked about the mobility options and our American partner made that clear, that they wish to send students to the College of Dunaújváros for practice and research.


Later on this day our delegation met with Ms. Carol Clark, Director of Community and Business Relations, Mr. Kenneth K. Mangold, HR Team/Unit Manager of the Hankook Tyre factory in Clarksville and Mr. Charlie Koon, Regional Worforce Development Coordinator. Our education program, the Rubber Technological Industry Engineering was really interesting for the partners and they expressed their wish to visit Dunaújváros in early 2016. to see our cooperation with the Hankook Tyre company more closely.

During the whole visit, Mr. Cameron Sutt, History Teacher of the APSU guided our delegation through both the univesity and Clarksville.

International Conference at COD

November 16, 2015

The College of Dunaújváros University of Applied Science organized its annual Scientific Week between the 9-12 of November.

During the four days of the conference several international delegations, politicians, companies and students visited our school.

On wednesday the topic of the conference focused on the green energy. The College of Dunaújváros as a leading innovative institute in Dunaújváros established the city's first electronic charging station. The new facility were opened by Mihály Varga, Minister for National Economy, Lajos Galambos, Member of the Hungarian Parliament, Dr. Gábor Cserna, Mayor of Dunaújváros and Dr. István András, Rector of the College of Dunaújváros.


_DSC7589  _DSC7565  _DSC7501

During the day the visitors could see many spectaculous experiements from the laboratories of the COD, beautiful electronic cars and they could meet with the industrial partners of the College of Dunaújváros as well. Drone show, pasta-bridge competition, LEGO robot competition, electronic roller, segway and gokart trial made the day more interesting.

_DSC7105  _DSC7157  _DSC7874

On Thursday the the participants focused on the hot topic of East-West Cohesion: how the countries from Asia and Europe can work together on the field of education, research and economy.

The College of Dunaújváros had the pleasure to meet with Ms. Wening Esthyprobo, Indonesia's Ambassador in Hungary. During the conferece a new cooperation was also signed by Mr. Brian King, European Representative of the Mozilla Foundation and Dr. István András Rector.

_DSC8329 _DSC8177

Among our guests we welcomed our several old and new international education partners from Azerbaijan, Brazil, Indonesia, Poland and Russia:


The College of Dunaújváros at ICEF Berlin

November 09, 2015

The ICEF Berlin Workshop is one of the world largest meeting event for higher education institutions and educational agencies.

In 2015 the College Dunaújváros sent two if its representatives to meet with new agencies and increase the number of the our partners.

During the 2 days of workshop, József Vágó and Szabolcs Tiger met more then 70 potential companies and discussed the terms of cooperation. There are great hopes of a fruitfull future from the school's part and the agencies part as well.


The College of Dunaújváros offers high quality education for international students in English language and fantastic failites for a moderate price.

Guests from Africa

September 23, 2015

The College of Dunaújváros welcomed the diplomatic delegation of Angola

The Ambassador of Angola in Hungary, Ms. Lizeth Satumbo Pena and her delegation visited the College of Dunaújváros on 17th of September 2015. The Director of the Angolan National Scholarship Institution, Mr. Moisés Kafalan Neto was also part of the delegation as the main reason of their visit was the establishment of an Angolan financed education program with Hungarian universities. At three chosen universities, around 100 Angolan youth will study as scholarship financed, full-time students.


As hosts, Dr. Béla Palotás, Vice-rector for Research and Scientific Matters and Ms. Katalin Gyöngyössy, Head of International Relations Office guided the guests through the campus. They visited most of the facilites, the laboratories and hostels. We have great hope that we can welcome the students from Africa in the near future!

Strengthening our partnerships in Azerbaijan

May 13, 2015

In April of 2015, our colleagues from College of Dunaújváros (CoD) had the chance to participate on a trip to Azerbaijan. The day after the arrival, our delegation and another university supported by Campus Hungary Programme have visited the Azerbaijan State Economy University. The representatives of ASEU were already waiting for the Hungarians. During the consultation, our representatives have told about our Summer University Programme and they also gave information about a plan and an offer made by one of our colleagues regarding to a common scientific publication.

The second part of the day, our colleagues have visited the Baku State University. The main goal of the conference was sharpened to the personal meeting, as this university was completely unknown to CoD. Unfortunately, the educational field was a bit different of the two institutes, so the participants turned the conversation into the field of a common research project. Apart from this, their campus was almost 2 times bigger than ours and it was well organised, structured.

Educational fair was organised on the next two days and more than 150 students were interested in our institute. During the educational fair our colleagues met the representative of the Embassy and discussed about how could CoD get into the state scholarship list. They have promised that they will check it as soon as possible. Our delegation also met a colleague of Baku Business University, whom with we have started a conversation via e-mail previously.


The following day was spent with travelling to the next station of the tour: Ganja Technological University in Ganja, Azerbaijan. There is no denying the fact that their enthusiasm was unique, but unfortunately our delegation could not find any common point with them, but the Erasmus Programme.

After this, the delegation visited the Azerbaijan State Agricultural University, where a representative of the university was waiting for us and led the colleagues around the campus of the university. He was told about our plans of cooperation and a common scientific publication.

To sum up, our colleagues had a pleasant trip to Azerbaijan. The universities we met were excited, kind and helpful. If everything goes correctly CoD will acquire some new partners from Azerbaijan. As long as our delegation gets some rest after the exhausting and long trip, they will start to get in touch with the students who were interested in us.

FAUBAI National Educational Conference

May 13, 2015

New cooperations with Brazilian HEIs.

The Head of International Relationships Office and a colleague at College of Dunaújváros were on a trip to Cuiaba, Brasil from 24th-29th April, 2015 in order to participate on the FAUBAI National Educational Conference organised by Balassi Institute. The main goal was to listen to the performances and workshops of the conference. Besides, the other priority was to make new contacts during the „Matchmaking table” programme and to maintain the connection with existing partners. Moreover, negotiation about double degree programmes were going on.



The participants could hear interesting and useful presentations in the framework of the conference about the „Science Without Borders” programme performed by CAPES, some universities, the secretary general of Hungarian Rector’s Conference and by students. However, the main goal of the trip was to strengthen the existing contacts by re-meeting them. Furthermore, the secondary goal was to create new contacts according to the common educational profiles of CoD and the partner institutes in consideration of the future cooperations for students and staff mobility. Our colleagues succeeded in meeting with 11 institutes. Three of them was known by CoD and the other eight completely new. Our delegation arranged to have meetings and discussions with them and after the trip CoD will manage to develop the specific areas of cooperation.

Excursion for Brazilian students to Budapest

May 05, 2015

It was time for fun as the weather is getting warmer and warmer!

The International Relation Office once again organized a fabulous trip to Budapest for the foreign students of our institution. Apart from the Brazilian and the Erasmus students, this time the opportunity was available for every other international student. During the tour the participants had the opportunity to taste the different kind of delightful handmade chocolates in the city’s famous Chocolate Museum. The tour guides warned the students at the beginning that they shall not have seconds from the offered sweets, not because they were mean, but due to the fact that at the end their belly will be full anyways. They guessed it right; after the delicious chocolate tasting and the memorable visit our student couldn’t wait to have a spare time and to relax a bit.


What place on Earth would be more suitable to do so than the famous Spa of Budapest, called Aquaworld. Our student had a calm and entertaining afternoon to spend in the biggest water theme park of the country surrounded by giant slides, bubble bath, thermal pool and many other possibilities to have fun. According to the feedbacks received from our students they had a pleasurable day which allowed them to interact with other groups of international students of the institution. They all look forward to taking part in the further trips organized by the College of Dunaújváros.

Time schedule of the year 2014/15

July 30, 2014

Timetable of the Academic Year 2014/2015

College of Dunaújváros



First semester:


Beginning of the learning period (15 weeks)

Starting from: 08. September 2014
until: 20. December 2014

Beginning of the exam period (5 weeks)

Starting from: 05. January 2015
until: 07. February 2015

Date of the final exams of the first semester

Starting from: 19. January 2015

until: 31. January 2015



Second semester:


Beginning of the learning period (15 weeks)

Starting from: 09.February 2015
until: 23. May 2015

Beginning of the exam period (5 weeks)

Starting from: 26. May 2015
until: 27. June 2015

Date of the final exams of the second semester

Starting from: 08. June 2015

until: 20. June 2015



School holidays:


Commemoration of the 1956 Revolution

23. October 2014 (Thursday)

All Saints’ Day

01. November 2014 (Saturday)

Winter holiday

Starting from: 22. December 2014

until: 03. January 2015

Commemoration of the 1848 Revolution

15. March 2015 (Sunday)


06. April 2015 (Monday)

International Workers’ Day (workday relocation?)

01. May 2015 (Friday)


25. May 2015 (Monday)



College Celebrations:


Opening ceremony of the academic year, oath of the new students

05. September 2014. (Friday) – 10 a.m.

College Sport Day

08. October (Wednesday) – 1 p.m.

National Scientific Students' Associations Conference (TDK) – domestic round

12. November 2014 (Wednesday) – 12 noon

Freshmen Ball

21. November 2014 (Friday)

Graduation ceremony of the first semester

07. February 2015 (Saturday) – 10 a.m.

Hostel Days /Dorm Days

Starting from: 14. April 2015
until: 15. April 2015

Szalamander (organizer: Engineering Department)

13. May 2015 (Thursday)

Valeta’s Ball

22. May 2015 (Friday)

DUDIK Festival

Starting from: 11. June 2015

until: 13. June 2015

Graduation ceremony of the second semester

27. June 2015 (Saturday) – 10 a.m.

Erasmus Application

March 11, 2013

Deadline: Extended!


Dear Students,

we extended the deadline for the Erasmus application. The new date is 5th April. Don't miss the chance to learn free for a semester by one of our partner institute!

You can find more information about the scholarship, the potential destinations and the application's method under our website"s Erasmus menu. If you still have questions, feel free to ask our colleagues's help in the International Relations Office via e-mail or personally in office F118.

Do not forget: the Erasmus program is an outstanding opportunity to get new experiences, develop language skills, build up contacts and make friends in a foreign country.