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Teacher of Engineering MA

March 23, 2015

Level of certificate to be obtained: Master of Arts.


Master’s degree diploma title:

Teacher of Engineering (Materials Engineer) MA

Teacher of Engineering (Mechanical Engineer) MA

Teacher of Engineering (Engineering Information Technologist) MA


Fields of study:

Material Engineering (metallurgy)

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Information Technologist

The English language courses need a sufficient number of applicants to register in order to commence.


Conditions to apply for the master’s degree:

1. Basic bachelor’s engineering degree, in accordance with the specialization chosen.

2. Completed courses on pedagogical and psychological knowledge (credit value minimum: 10 credit units), which serve as a basis of teacher training.

Completion of the 10 credit units can be done parallel to the bachelor degree, or following the application, at a course organized by the College.



(Full-time or correspondence course)

Training period

Number of admitted applicants

Engineering Teacher MA degree based on engineering teacher/technical teacher bachelor level degree

3 semesters


Engineering Teacher MA degree based on a master or university level engineering degree (1)

3 semesters


Engineering Teacher MA degree based on a bachelor or college level engineering degree (1)

4 semesters




(1) Requirements related to the knowledge that is supporting teacher preparation and assisting career guidance have to be fulfilled: their credit value is 10 credit units. Those, who do not have this pre-qualification, can obtain it at college in the frame of a specially dedicated program.

In the correspondence course, classes take place on a workday every second week or on the rest day (can be a Saturday) of a week.

Prior to submitting the application, please study carefully the chart about “Admission requirements for master degree courses”, where you can find precise information on what bachelor diploma is needed to start your application for master’s degree courses. And you can start your pre-study credit recognition process according to that.

If successful, the credit acceptance document shall be submitted during the application process.

Calculation of admission exam points

There can be a maximum of 100 points scored during the master’s degree course, including the extra points as well. Within their own competence, institutions can award 10 points maximum, on the basis of partiality.


General point calculation

admission exam (oral): 24 points

based on the assessment of the diploma certificate: maximum 60 points


Extra points

Maximum 16 extra points can be awarded

Out of that, 8 points can be awarded

A) based on partiality, such as:

- handicap,

- child care,

- multiply disadvantaged status,

- disadvantaged status

B) first language exam (equalling mid-level state exam in Hungary, „C” type): 8 points

C) Specialized pedagogic or vocational training: 8 points.


How to apply?

Please write an email inquiry with your study plans to the address for all details regarding the application process.

At the above address, the colleagues of the International Relations Office will gladly assist you with all information necessary to apply.