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February 18, 2010

Student life at the College of Dunaújváros has been shaped by the more than 270-year-old traditions of Selmec that mould teachers and students of the college into a very cohesive community. Foreign students arrive in this community, and they get all the support they need from Hungarian students studying here, as well as from their teachers. The Department of International Relations, the Students' Self-government and the special authorized staff of the College and other service units help students to adapt through various organised programs.
Different organisations, such as foreign student committees, students' professional clubs, and self-motivated clubs are working within the institution. Here are some examples:
THC The Hightech Club
KAC Kerpely Antal Computer Special College
W.O.C. World of Challenge
53_College_DaysThere are many other clubs, like photo club, soccer club, rugby club, creative hobby club, exotic modern dance club, women's choir, to name just a few. The Students' self Government organises a lot of cultural, sports events and free time activites. The most popular being are the following: Freshers' Camp, Freshers' Cup, Freshers' Ball, College Days, Undergraduate's Ball...

The hostel provides information, advice, assistance or support on the accommodation of students and visiting guests.

Bakos Krisztina: hostel coordinator

Tel: +36 25 551 123

Hostel '35'


Questions about general matters should be addressed to the International Relations Office.

Questions about academic matters should be addressed to the Student Information Office.

Questions about your accommodation should be addressed to the Hostel.