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The Brave Ones

May 02, 2016

Excursion for Exchange Students to Veszprém and Balatonfűzfő


The International Relations Office organised a trip for the exchange students of the University of Dunaújváros. Erasmus students from all around Europe and Science Without Borders students from Brazil could enjoy the perfect spring day with mild air and a lot of sunshine.


The first destination was the City of Queens, Veszprém, where the students had the opportunity to visit the Old Town Square and the Castle. As the guide explained, Veszprém is the town of winds and bells: legend says that if the wind is not blowing, the bells are ringing. Students could remark that by walking through the narrow streets of the Castle area, especially when they arrived to the statues of St. Stephen and Blessed Gisella at the nothern part of the castle. At this point of the town, however, the wind from the Bakony Hills never stops blowing.

Following the quiet and relaxing morning walk in Veszprém, the tide turned in the afternoon, as the next destination was the BalatoniBob Leisure Park in Balatonfűzfő. Arriving to the Serpa Adventure Park students were brave enough to face the challenge and head on to the advanced trail for adults consisting of seventeen different elements. This trail is not just longer then the ones for beginners, but the distances between the elements are greater. Even for those living a sporty lifestyle, it is a substantial exercise and for those living an average lifestyle, it is a serious fatigue. But still, with only a few exceptions, our exchange students could successfully complete the trail and experience the irreplaceable feeling of ‘yes, I did it’.