Sunday, 18. February 2018


University of Dunaújváros

October 19, 2015

From 1st January, 2016 the College of Dunaújváros will continue to operate as University of Dunaújváros.

Concerning this topic, the Mayor of Dunaújváros, Gábor Cserna, and the Rector of the College of Dunaújváros gave a joint press release:


"According to the development activities conducted in recent years, the College of Dunaújváros has achieved outstanding results in the applied sciences in both the domestic and the international areas.


Cooperation between the College and the City is exemplary, according to the local and national private sector. The innovations implemented in education and research, the quality level of international study programmes, and the results achieved by maintaining several international academic relationships have shown that the College of Dunaújváros fully complies with the conditions fixed by law, and the decision is the recognition of development activities conducted during the last few years.


With the support of the Municipality of Dunaújváros, dominant big companies in the city, as well as the representatives of Dunaújváros and its region, the College of Dunaújváros will continue to operate as a university by strengthening regional involvement and excellence in the field of Applied Sciences. "